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Feeling the Need to Support the Alzheimer’s Society in Wapping

Feeling the Need to Support the Alzheimer’s Society in Wapping

The more I read about dementia and its effects on the sufferers and their loved ones, the more I could not stay indifferent. Terrifying stories of life-long partners losing memory of one another, forgetting their families and children and unable to carry out basic tasks are increasing. Research for dementia is highly under-funded while the cure for the disease still remains unfound.

Alzheimer’s Society is doing so much to relieve the suffering of people with dementia and their relatives. Its online forum and Facebook page are full of sorrowful questions, compassionate answers and grateful comments.

I strongly felt we needed to raise the awareness of the cause and donate to the Alzheimer’s Society. As the founder of SimplyAcai.co.uk, provider of organic acai berry supplement, health concerns have always been close to heart.

That is why I decided to donate 10% of all our profits to the Alzheimer’s Society.

Why Do We Need to Donate?

Dementia is a devastating disease that severely affects mental activity and slowly deteriorates brain cells. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, accounting for 50 to 70 percent of cases.

A person with dementia usually has difficulties remembering, thinking, understanding and judging. As the disease progresses he or she finds it challenging to perform everyday tasks such as washing and getting dressed. On top of all that there are emotional problems such as increased anxiety, mood swings and depression. What happens is a real personality change.

At the moment dementia cannot be cured. A patient diagnosed with dementia will soon realise that the disease is progressing and symptoms are getting worse. Drugs exist that can only temporarily reduce some of the symptoms. A person with dementia needs qualified support throughout their life with the disease.

Finding a cure for dementia depends on sufficient research. However the research is still really under-funded. There are estimates that one million people in the UK will develop dementia within next 10 years if nothing is done.

How does Alzheimer’s Society help?

FlowersOne of the main activities of Alzheimer’s Society is funding research projects that aim to find the cure, improve care, understand the cause and guarantee prevention of different types of dementia.

I was impressed by local services available at Alzheimer’s Society branches. Apart from home and local care for dementia patients, they also provide support for the families and partners. Particularly great are the ‘singing for the brain’ sessions that bring lots of positive emotions to everybody involved. While getting patients and carers to sing together this activity effectively activates and stimulates memory cells of people with dementia. Alzeimer’s Society also runs a National Dementia Helpline to answer any questions and concerns people might have regarding dementia.

Couple_TogetherHow can Acai Berry Help?

Acai Berry is known as the wonder-food due to its unusual variety of nutritional benefits. Supplementation with acai berries have been shown to strengthen immune system, reduce bad cholesterol, improve metabolism, decrease the risk of heart diseases and much more. Recent studies also showed that acai berry may act as a frontline defence against diseases of ageing, such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

It could be possible to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases by taking the right amount of antioxidants. Our body has a natural antioxidant defence system, but the protection is not enough given the polluted air that we breathe and daily exposure to the sun radiation. Acai berry has the largest amount of antioxidants out of all fruit and vegetables. It boosts our antioxidant protection by 3 times.

I hope this article can help raise the awareness of dementia, its effects and the good work that Alzheimer’s Society does.

Ekaterina Igumentseva
Founder of SimplyAcai.co.uk


Alzheimer’s Society

Located at Devon House, 58 St Katharine’s Way, Wapping, London E1W 1JX

Your closest local services branch of Alzheimer’s Society is at:

Sunley House
Toynbee Hall
28 Commercial Street
E1 6LS



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    Thank you for helping to raise the awareness of dementia not just for the sufferer but also the effect it has on those around them which is often forgotten but extremely difficult.