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A Prospect of Wapping – Wapping Writers

A Prospect of Wapping – Wapping Writers

Standing in Wapping High Street looking back at the changes over the last 65 years.

The wharf’s, the cranes, the barges and tugs.
The sound of the ships; their sirens so loud.
The smoke from their funnels going up in the cloud.
The stevedores, the Dockers, the gang men, the crew.
…the memories of Wapping, I bring to you.

The new Wapping Station. Not much changing there.
With the lift “Out of Order” I take to the stair.
I hear the train coming; it’s electric not steam.
The smell of the smoke is only a dream.

I imagine the gangs, with their hooks always ready.
The cranes lower their “sets”; the men hold them steady.
The cargos are landed, below decks are clear.
The tides coming in, it’s time for a beer!

The Prospect of Whitby I hear someone laugh.
“O all right Charlie, I’ll just ‘ave a half”.
The bridges are up. The lorries are ready.
A ten thousand tonner slides into the dock: the tugs hold it steady.

The crew are tired, their faces all drawn.
They have been sailing for days.
From midnight to dawn, to arrive back safely to Wapping.
The place they were born.

Danny first visited Wapping as a child in 1942 before working here during the 1960’s. He is the porter for Dundee Court and Pierhead Wharf in Wapping High Street where he has worked for the last 16 years.

The Wapping porter-turned-author was featured in Docklands24 earlier this year after publishing his first book.

Danny Anthony


  • http://www.vickieflores.com Vickie Flo

    Agree Barry and I also mentioned it to Danny last week, so I’ll keep on at him and try and get more so we can publish a collection. He sees and knows so much about what goes on here both past and present!

  • Barry Johnson

    we do need more from danny we should keep on at him then maybe we might get more

  • gillian

    Love the poem… Can we have more, well one or two before we buy the collection?
    How two worlds meet in verse! There’s also the romanticizing of what was heavy labour in dire poverty and Danny has more right than most to file his memories accordingly. I feel a film coming on
    “Lang may your lum reek!

  • http://fishywords.blogspot.com/ C.J. Duffy

    I wish that I had met Danny prior to writing the first of our Wliful Walks as he has such a rich store of memories and knowledge. A smashing poem mate.

    All the best,