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Support Wapping’s 2011 London Marathon runners

Support Wapping’s 2011 London Marathon runners

Here are our Wapping line up of runners for the 2011 London Marathon on Sunday 17th April.

The Highway in E1W is going to be packed, with thousands making their way around the 26.2 mile London Marathon course.

The runners cross Tower Bridge at mile 13 before running past Wapping and around the Isle of Dogs only to return running, walking and crawling down The Highway at mile 22 towards the finish line at The Mall, St James’.

Please give all of our Wapping charity runners a big wave if you spot them and consider making a donation to one of their chosen good causes.

Wapping’s 2011 London Marathon runners

Jan Bucil

Jan’s father suffers from Parkinson’s disease, a progressive neurological condition and he is running his first marathon in support of Parkinson’s UK.

Image Jan BucilParkinson’s UK improve the lives of sufferers and their families by providing specialist care and are now closer than ever to finding a cure.

Research and support is entirely dependent on charitable donations so Jan asks you to ”please dig deep”.

Jan’s Wapping Top 5

  • The Turk’s Head Cafe for breakfast and a read of the papers
  • The Thames path winding through the buildings
  • The Town of Ramsgate pub
  • The Wapping Project exhibition space
  • The Marina at St Katharine Docks

Support Jan and Parkinson’s UK

Please help Jan achieve his £2,000 fundraising target for Parkinson’s UK by making a donation [www.justgiving.com/janbucil]

Claire Keeley and Jamie Monehen

Wapping cousins Claire and Jamie are running their first marathon to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Jamie’s wife Joanna told us “Their training is going great and we will be cheering them along The Highway”.

Claire-Jamie-MatthewJoanna and Jamie’s son Matthew, pictured above is now a healthy 19 months old thanks to fantastic care and a kidney operation at Great Ormond Street when he was only eight months old.

Joanna’s Wapping Top 5

  1. Great riverside walks in and around wapping. Lovely to take a stroll along the river between Tower Bridge all the way along the riverside and along Narrow Street to Canary wharf.
  2. Great restaurants here. Il Bordellos is a fave and also the Wapping Project for a special occasion.
  3. Sitting by the river in the beer garden of the Captain Kidd on a sunny day, overlooking the river, drinking cherry beer!
  4. All the great things for kids to do in and around Wapping. Wapping Gardens, King Edward Memorial Park, Wapping Sure Start Centre and the activities that they run, 1 O’Clock Club, Playgroup at John Orwell Sports Centre on Friday mornings. Lots of lovely friendly mums here!
  5. St Patrick’s Church Wapping – Great church and community in the heart of Wapping.

Support Claire, Jamie and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital

Claire and Jamie want to say thank you to the hospital and help them raise the £50m a year needed to maintain and update the hospital [www.uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/JamieandClaire].

David Exley

60 year old Wappingite David is hoping for a 2011 superhero performance in his 11th London Marathon.

It’s been 5 years since David last ran the course and will run as superman in 2011 after deciding batman was just “too cumbersome!”

David is raising funds for the Disability Law Service (“DLS”) who give free legal advice to disabled people across England. DLS’s services include advising parents having difficulties over the education of their disabled children as well as providing telephone consultaations to the elderly at home.

David’s Wapping Top 5

  1. Il Bordello. Great Italian restaurant, good prices, great service atmosphere, full plates
  2. Prospect of Whitby pub. Oldest Inn on the river Thames. I got engaged in the restaurant.
  3. Captain Kidd. Youngest pub on the river Thames
  4. Turners Old Star pub. Nicest publicans in Wapping
  5. My book “From Wapping to Canary Wharf” , best true life story of a Wappingite

Support David and DLS

Please help David to support the disabled by donating to DLS [www.justgiving.com/David-Exley]

Laura Henson

Laura is running the Marathon in honour of her grandfather, James Billy Nobles who passed away in hospice care last year.

The 32 year old founder of Wapping’s 44 Frocks is raising money for Help the Hospices and will run her first marathon in the floor length, corseted Jessica McClintock ball gown pictured here.

Image Laura Henson Marathon TrainingWe met Laura as she finished a training session at Wapping Overground Station last Saturday and asked her what she loves the most about Wapping.

Laura’s Wapping Top 5

  1. Image Tower Hill BuskerKing Edward Memorial Park, the most peaceful place in London
  2. The Tower Hill tunnel’s own busker/performance artist. [Laura gave us this picture and asks, “does anyone know who he is?”]
  3. The Town of Ramsgate pub, its amazing owners and the secret stairs out the side leading to the river
  4. The Actor Works acting school on Raine Street and their shows which are bursting with Britain’s most talented future stars
  5. 44 Frocks’ Original venue right in the heart of Wapping :)

Support Laura and Help The Hospices

Please help Laura raise £2,000 for Help the Hospices by making a donation [www.JustGiving.com/Laurainafrock]

Find and follow Laura on Twitter @44Frocks.

Paul DW

Paul is running the race in support of the Katie Piper Foundation.

Paul’s not a marathon newbie, but this time round has set himself the challenge of trying to break the “magical three hour barrier”. His training involves an 800 mile schedule over 12 weeks which he describes as “very tough” and we couldn’t agree more.

We’ll update with Paul’s Wapping Top 5 soon, but please don’t wait to donate as he’s trying to raise £1,500 for the Katie Piper Foundation [www.justgiving.com/pauldwlon].

Find and follow Paul on Twitter @PaulDWLon.

2011 London Marathon links and resources

Please note Wapping Overground Station is EXIT ONLY on Sunday.

Watching the London Marathon from Wapping E1W

Our favourite Wapping spot is at the top of Wapping Lane and east on The Highway towards the Isle of Dogs where it’s generally less crowded and you can stand in the central reservation, but what do you think?

Lots of Wapping luck

We wish all of the competitors lots of luck on Sunday 17th April and please give them a Wapping cheer as they go past. It’s a very long way as we found out ourselves (once) and ”never again!” as they all say.


  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    Hi there
    A few people have been asking so we’ve just setup a google group to help if you’re interested in meeting and running locally.

  • Katherine

    Hi Sandra

    Let me know if you want to meet up for a run. Am also new to Wapping.

  • Katherine

    Hi there. I am also new to Wapping and would be pleased to meet up sometime with other runners. I like to run from Wapping to Canary Wharf or else along South Bank to Westminster and back. I am not fast, but don’t mind the distance.

  • Cecilia


    I’m looking for a running buddy in the Wapping area. I’m not fast (around a 10minute mile on short runs and usually 63 minutes for a 10k). If you’re interested, let me know!

  • Sandra Arellano

    Hi Everyone! I am somewhat new to Wapping and love to run. Unfortunately, due to having been pick-pocketted last year around the time in which london marathon registrations took place, I won’t be joining these Wapping runners. However, does anyone know if there is a Wapping running group or club that may serve as local running support group or to meet other fellow runners?

  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    There’s the info here http://www.virginlondonmarathon.com/marathon-centre/2011-virgin-london-marathon-information/virgin-london-marathon-information/
    which mentions the two places to cross (subways at Tower Hill and Glamis Road). In previous years the stewards have also let you cross on foot when there is a gap in the runners later on in the afternoon.

  • Josephine

    ps Go Wapping runners!

  • Josephine

    Have you got a copy of the info about where we’ll be able to cross in and out of Wapping on Marathon day. I know they had them in Waitrose etc but I’ve not managed to get one yet

  • Sarah

    Good luck to Jamie Claire and Simon and the rest of the Wapiing Runners! You will make Wapping proud x x

  • James

    Good luck everyone, I hope you raise thousands for your charities and somehow also manage to enjoy it!

  • Pat Monehen

    Best of luck to all the Wapping Marathon Runners on Sunday, especially my Son Jamie and Niece Claire and my old class mate David Exley there iaint no stopping the runners from Wapping Pat Monehen

  • Joanna Monehen

    Good luck to all the Wapping London Marathon runners on Sunday, especially Jamie and Claire!