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Wapping Old Stairs

Wapping Old Stairs

The historic site of Execution Dock, where pirates were taken to be chained until three tides had washed over them and perhaps where the saying came from:

Oh What a Waeppa!

Access is via the narrow alley next to the Town of Ramsgate pub in Wapping High Street.  Well worth stopping by next time you’re walking down the High Street as it’s an easily missed, hidden but fascinating place.

Listen to Wapping Old Stairs: Song for the Lord Mayor’s Tables which starts “Your Molly has never been false, she declares, Since last time we parted at Wapping Old Stairs”.

To hear and see more of the history the 3 minute video we found on Video Jug will give you an informed and fascinating insight.

The second video is a clip from the making of Ricky Love’s new film “Pirates of The Wapping Old Stairs” featuring scenes at Wapping Old Stairs and great views of the Thames from Wapping.

Let us know if you’ve found other videos or links on Wapping Old Stairs